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Mailing Address:
71 Wall Street
Norwalk, CT 06850

(203) 831-5004

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7 thoughts on “Contact Us

  1. Ryan Miller says:

    I just wanted to let you all know that this theater is such an amazing venue and asset for the local community. I’ve been coming to shows here since the mid-90’s and and I’m looking forward to my next show which is Quiet Riot. I was at Burning Witches last night, such a great show! The staff and hospitality are amazing! I took my motorcycle and they offered to keep my helmet inside the box office while I attended the show which was super nice of them to do! I can’t say enough good things about this venue, thank you for the diversity of acts you book and also for catering to the rock crowd!!! lol we’re a small community here in CT but LOVE to see rock and metal bands in intimate spaces! There’s not a bad seat in the house! Thank you again for bringing live music to Norwalk and thank you to everyone who makes this theater possible! – Ryan

    • Rob Luce says:

      Thanks for the kind words, Ryan. I will share your comment with the rest of the team, especially Stephanie, who is the one that kept your helmet safe in the box office. Really glad you had a good experience at Wall Street Theater and we’re looking forward to seeing you at Quiet Riot!

  2. Dominic Novelli says:

    I have left messages once again concerning the status of the signed album (Smithereens) that I won in your auction back in December. NO ONE HAS EVER RETURNED MY CALLS NOR RESPONDED TO MY EMAILS!!! What’s going on?? Have I been scammed through Wall Street and “Charity Auctions Today?”

    I demand an immediate response — this has been a train wreck dealing with you folks. Either give me my album (that I paid for) – OR – return my $$$$

    -Dom (201) 245-6345

  3. Dianne M Biazzo says:

    I have called this theatre 3 TIMES in the last week and like the person above mentioned, NOBODY has gotten back to me..Being a “POSSIBLE first timer” hearing about this theatre I have some questions to ask before i order tickets to the Herman’s Hermits show on April 2. I need to know
    things like theatre parking, Covid policy, wether i can bring a pocketbook (have one that is clear plastic) no camera but cell phone.. time for show is getting close and not going to buy tickets til i hear back on my questions… hopefully I’ll hear back from you… if not, I just won’t bother with this theatre any more… and will go to another one. The message on the box office asks to leave a phone number ans I’ll get a call back….called 3 times already and no call. I may just go with the old baseball saying…. 3 strikes you’re out!

    • Rob Luce says:

      Hi Dianne,
      I’m sorry you’ve had so much trouble reaching us and we’re working on improving our response time. If you have any more trouble, contact me directly. My name is Rob and my email is marketing@wallstreettheater.org.
      There is a lot of parking behind the theater and the Yankee Doodle garage is just a block away. There are no covid restrictions in place any more but please feel free to wear a mask if it makes you more comfortable. At the bottom of our FAQ page (https://wallstreettheater.com/faq/) there is a list of things that you aren’t allowed to bring into the theater. I’m sure your pocketbook is fine.

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